Our Story



Arch Aerial is a drone services company dedicated to helping
construction and oil & gas companies capture the most of their world.

















Arch Aerial was founded by Ryan Baker in 2012 after returning from a field season at the Poggio Civitate Archaeological Project, chasing the idea of incorporating low-cost aerial data from drones for universities on research projects.


That's where we get our name: 'Arch' recognizing our genesis in archaeology,
and 'Aerial' from that new perspective from above. 


While working on aerial mapping data at the Poggio Civitate Archaeological Excavation, it became clear that there had to be a better way to capture aerial data for archaeological research. After pulling together a team comprised of co-founders Ben Martin, Brandon Lee, and Steve Fronek, the group set out to build unmanned aerial systems (drone) kits for archaeological research.



In 2013, the team designed and tested both compact and heavy-lift multi-rotor systems, eventually patenting two of the designs.


In 2014, the team began production, selling hardware kits to university programs across the USA, with options for training prior to deployment.


Towards the end of 2014, commercial enterprises began calling not for hardware, but for drone services and drone data delivery. It was apparent that the opportunity for Arch Aerial had grown beyond its original mission.

























From 2015 through 2017, Arch Aerial completed field trials with companies in the insurance, mining, and agricultural sectors.










In 2017 we made a deliberate effort to focus where we were the best, construction and oil and gas. That focus has been our greatest strength.






For our oil and gas customers, we conduct aerial patrols, pipeline and facility mapping and videography, and methane detection and optical gas imaging services.




For our construction customers, we provide aerial photography, videography, mapping, and 3D modeling; conducted before, during, and after the project.




We conduct aerial drone services for our energy and construction customers five days a week, and we'd love to help you with your next project.