3D Modeling

Photogrammetry & LiDAR

Get a comprehensive view of your asset.

Pre-Bid Documentation - Cut and Fill Tools - Interactive 3D Modeling

Arch Aerial 3D modeling services offer a cost-effective way to make use of high-density, high-accuracy 3D models. Our drone surveys capture specific areas of interest with images or laser scanning payloads, and we then process the data in-house to produce our unique 3D modeling solutions.

3D Modeling for Construction Teams

Arch Aerial’s 3D models are not only being used for assessing areas that are difficult and dangerous to access, but they can also be used for planning, decision-making, and design. We've assisted Fortune 500 companies with asset 3D modeling for acquisitions and divestitures, and we've assisted major national general contractors with grading and drainage decisions for their marque projects. Using Arch Aerial 3D modeling solutions, you can be certain you're getting state of the art topographic modeling that is easy to utilize with your enterprise GIS solution.

Section 333 Veteran

Arch Aerial LLC was one of the first 150 companies granted a Section 333 Exemption (all the way back in April 2015), and we’re proud of it.

Part 107 Compliant

Arch Aerial LLC’s operations are fully compliant with Part 107. This means that we can fly the latest mission sets and environments that the FAA allows.

Thought Leader

Reach out to us about your project! We’re leading the way in implementation of BVLOS and other waiver-specific operations.