Methane Detection Services

Multi-Sensor UAV Services for Methane Detection


Methane Detection Services for Pipeline and Storage Operators


Need to meet EPA & PHMSA regulations?

Arch Aerial LLC leads the industry in offering essential methane detection services tailored to pipeline and storage operators. Leveraging state-of-the-art multi-spectral solutions, Arch Aerial's pioneering methane detection services go beyond conventional methods. By meticulously collecting concentration data at 2 Hz directly above buried gas pipelines, we provide timely and invaluable insights to meet your company's regulatory needs.

Drone with heavy payload capable of carrying out methane detection services for pipelines and storage.

  • Customers receive a Google Earth waypoint KML file color-coded based on PPM threshold levels for easy analysis.
  • Additionally, customers receive matching aerial visible spectrum imagery for locations within threshold levels.
  • Arch Aerial UAS Pilots are employees and are OQ Certified and PHMSA DOT D&A compliant. Ensuring that the personnel conducting all operations are highly qualified and adhere to the highest safety and professional standards.


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