m Strategic Partners Now Utilizing Arch Aerial Drone Services Company-Wide

m Strategic Partners has now partnered with Arch Aerial to utilize drone services enterprise wide. Here’s a peek at the announcement from their team:

‘At m Strategic Partners it is important for us to provide project owners with extensive project documentation and maintain quality control throughout all project phases.

m Strategic Partners has partnered with Arch Aerial LLC to provide enterprise drone progress documentation services for all our customers. Arch Aerial LLC is a nation wide drone service provider, who operates on our behalf, providing licensed FAA Part 107 remote drone pilots and ready to use aerial data. Our partnership with Arch Aerial LLC allows us to assure our clients that only expert drone pilots are operating on their projects and providing the best possible aerial photos and videos.

From greenfield, undeveloped sites, to fully developed campuses, we can provide a regularly scheduled photo and drone video documentation during the entire course of a projects construction, adding a new perspective to managing and documenting a building program.

With photo and video documentation, not only will we be able to track construction progress and maintain project records, but most importantly we will be able to keep a project on schedule. We use reliable project data to effectively manage project expectations and drive the project toward a successful and predictable outcome.’

If you’d like to bring Arch Aerial enterprise-wide drone services to your firm, start a conversation with our team using this link.

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