The Value of Drones in Construction

Arch Aerial’s Drone Services for Construction

Goldman Sachs recently released a report (click here for a link to the report) on the worldwide drone industry and at the top of the list for total addressable market is construction at just over $11B. That $11B is almost twice the amount that they have identified for the agriculture industry ($5.9B). While Arch Aerial LLC offers services to both industries, construction has been our bread and butter since day one. Today we offer several services for the construction industry:

Topographic Surveys: Arch Aerial’s Topographic Surveys are ideal for measuring cut and fill for a project and analyzing water flow over an area. Arch Aerial’s Topographic Surveys offer customers dense 3D point clouds that allow engineers to make more calculated decisions in a fraction of the time of traditional topographic surveys. The topographic surveys are also georeferenced to certified ground survey points so that the models achieve survey grade accuracy.

Inspection Surveys: Drones allow humans to achieve an aerial perspective for a fraction of the price of other aerial survey methods. Arch Aerial’s Inspection Surveys can be conducted in visual spectrum as well as IR/Thermal spectrum. Whether you need to inspect a building for energy efficiency analytics and/or identify issues in a place that is not easily reached by humans.  

Progress Photos and Videos: With Arch Aerial’s drone progress photos and videos, customers can capture stunning, high-definition images and video of projects. Customers can now take advantage of this media not only for reporting but to market their past and current projects.

If you are interested in learning more about Arch Aerial’s drone surveying services please do not hesitate to reach out by visiting our Contact Us page, email (, or simply giving us a call (281-974-5752). Our operations staff is fully certified by the FAA, our data is processed in-house, and we are fully insured.


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